From the heart of Los Angeles, experience magic that leaves you astonished. Napoleon is a modern performer, successfully fusing entertainment, mystery, and comedy.

His mind-blowing shows grace high-end parties and amaze the most determined skeptics. As a top LA magician, he performs for conferences, corporate events, cocktail hours, trade shows, and more.

Magic that means Business

Let’s Make Exciting Appear

Private Events

Elevate your private gatherings with a touch of mystery and laughter.

Whether it’s a private family party or a cocktail hour with business partners, he will give your guests an experience they’ll never forget.

Corporate Events

Transform your corporate events from mundane to enthralling.

Welcome to Napoleon’s
World of the Strange and Bizarre!

Immerse yourself in a parallel dimension of wonder, humor, and sheer astonishment.

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Your Best Event Ever

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Meet The Master

Hailing from faraway Europe, I’ve lived and performed there as a cosmopolitan magical mystery entertainer, paranormal expert, and supernatural showman. My wife and partner, Madam Zola, and I are skilled in the mystical and esoteric arts of mind reading, magic, séance and spirit theater, chiromancy (palm reading), and the various branches of fortune-telling and divination.​

Many years ago, my fascination with ancient history pulled me inexorably towards magic. For over fifteen years, I have been delighting, inspiring, empowering, and astonishing audiences of all ages. I’ve performed magic professionally on two continents and studied with internationally renowned Grand Masters.​

I’m now offering bespoke hauntings and extraordinary experiences for your guests at private events and corporate gatherings, and in theaters, historic houses, and other locations.​ Your events can be scripted and customized to your needs. Special promotional themes and messages can be incorporated into the performance to give it an extra emotional and lasting impact on your gathering.

If you want your friends and family to experience something completely thrilling, hauntingly unique, and fun, contact me The Master, today.

Parting the Veil Between

Reality and Enchantment

Close-up Conjurations:

Delve into a realm where magic breathes life into the ordinary right before your very eyes. with napoleon’s close-up magic, the mystical dances intimately with the mundane, each sleight of hand weaving a tapestry of wonder that beckons the curious observer.

This personal encounter with the arcane is not merely observed, but felt, touched, and remembered forever. it’s a whisper of the ancient mysteries, tenderly cradled in the palm of your hand.

Stage Sorcery:
Ascend with napoleon into a grand spectacle where reality is but a canvas for the mesmerizing art of illusion. the stage becomes a portal to a world where the laws of nature bow to the whims of the master. With grand illusions that defy logic and mesmerizing acts that captivate the soul, each performance is a voyage into the heart of wonder.

The audience is swept away by tide of enchantment and the collective gasp of disbelief. which show beckons to your heart? the intimate whisper of close-up conjurations, or the grand narrative of stage sorcery? your journey into the mystical awaits.

Hear From Those Spellbound by the Master’s Magic.

From Intimate Gatherings to
Grand Stages, Witness the Versatility and Intriguing Charm of The Master.

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